Past Conferences 2016

Past Conferences


World Economy in Chaos; Challenge for Prosperity

DATE : Feb. 23(The.), 2016
VENUE : Crystal Ballroom, Lotte Hotel Seoul

  • Robert James Shiller

    1. Distinguished Professor of Economics, Yale University
    2. 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics
  • Oh Seok Hyun

    1. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance
    2. Chair Professor of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy
  • Tyler Cowen

    1. Professor of Economics, George Mason University
  • Hu Angang

    1. Professor of Economics, Tsinghua University
    2. Director of the Center for China Study at Tsinghua
  • Choong Soo Kim

    1. Former governor of The Bank of Korea
  • Phil Sang Lee

    1. Former president of Korea University
  • In Seok Shin

    1. President of Korea Capital Market Institute
  • John Walker

    1. Chairman of Macquarie Group of Companies Korea
  • Hyeon Man Choi

    1. Vice Chairman of Mirae Asset Life Insurance
  • Steve Sukjung Lim

    1. Chairman & Partner of CVC Asia Pacific Limited Korea Branch
  • Hee Ok Lee

    1. Professor of Political Science & International Relations, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Si Joong Kim

    1. Professor of Graduate School of International Studies, Sogang University
  • Yoo Shin Jung

    1. Professor of Economics, Sogang University
    2. Chairman of Fintech Center
  • Jung Wook Lim

    1. Managing Director of Startup Alliance
  • Hye Sung Shin

    1. President of WADIZ
  • Ki Won Lee

    1. Founder & CEO of Ybrain
  • Shin Hyung Yang

    1. CEO of Quarterback Investments