Past Conferences 2019

Past Conferences


Massive Shift, The Path

DATE: April 4, 2019
VENUE: Dynasty, The Shilla, Seoul

  • Maurice Obstfeld

    1. Former Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund
    2. Professor of UC Berkeley
    3. Former Lead Macroeconomist for US Council of Economic Advisers (2014)
    4. Author of Many books ; International Economics : Theory and Policy, with Paul Krugman
  • Zhang Jun

    1. Professor of Fudan University
    2. Founding Director of the China Center for Economic Studies
    3. Former Special Advisory Committee to Shanghai Municipal Government
  • Gerard Lyons

    1. President of Economists for Brexit
    2. Former Chief Economist and Advisor to the Board at Standard Chartered Bank
    3. Author of The Great Transformation
  • Lee Seung-joo

    1. Professor at KDI School of Public Policy and Management
    2. Outside Director, Hanon Systems
    3. Former Director of Research, McKinsey & Co.
    4. Former Director, Knowledge Cooperation Center, KDI School
  • Tyler Cowen

    1. Professor of George Mason University
    2. Specialist of 4th Industrial Revolution
    3. Columnist of New York Times
  • Arun Sundararajan

    1. Professor of New York University
    2. Authority on the field of Shared Economy
    3. Author of The Sharing Economy
  • Kim Ji-hyun

    1. IT Columnist
    2. Former Director of Business Development Office at SK Planet Commerce
    3. Former Professor of Information Media Management at KAIST Graduate School
    4. Former Director of Mobile SU at DAUM Communications
  • Hong Dae-soon

    1. President , Global Institute for Strategy & Policy
    2. Professor, Business School at Ewha Womans Univ.
    3. Managing Partner , Arthur D. Little Korea
  • Allen Gannett

    1. CEO of TrackMaven
    2. 30 Under 30 lists by Forbes
    3. Author of The Creative Curve
  • Joshua Carrott

    1. Youtuber
    2. Subscriber 3million Youtube ‘Korean Englishman’
    3. Model, Entertainer in UK
  • Oliver Kendal

    1. Youtuber
    2. Subscriber 3million Youtube ‘Korean Englishman’