Past Conferences 2020

Past Conferences


D-ECONOMY: Dangers of Money Show

April 2, 2020, Dynasty, The Shilla, Seoul

  • Robert Barro

    1. Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics, Harvard University
    2. Former Vice President, American Economic Association, Advisory Panel at World Bank
    3. The forth most influential economist in the world
  • Claudia Sahm

    1. Former FRB Economist (Director of Macroeconomic Policy, Washington Center for Equitable Growth)
    2. Former FRB Economist
    3. Warning of the Korea’s recession with “Sahm Recession Indicator”
  • Vincent Koen

    1. Country Studies Division Chief of Economics, OECD
    2. Former IMF Economist
    3. Gave an alert as slow and unbalanced growth during the past few years of South Korea and pointed out the bureaucratic inefficiency which led to down the business investment
  • Jinill Kim

    1. Professor of Economics, Korea University
    2. Former FRB Economist
    3. An Expert in monetary policy
  • Andy Xie

    1. Former Chief Asia Pacific Economist, Morgan Stanley
    2. Renowned independent economist, One of the “50 Most Influential Persons in Finance” by Bloomberg
    3. The economist who predicted economic bubbles including the Asian Financial Crisis(1997), dot-com bubble(1999)
  • Dong-Jae Kim

    1. Professor of Strategy and International Business, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
    2. Former consultant for McKinsey
    3. Former board member of several academic institutions related to strategy and management
  • Oliver Cameron

    1. CEO & Founder, Voyage
    2. Operating a handful of self-driving taxi service for seniors
    3. Former Vice President, Udacity
  • Taewon Kim

    1. Head of Industry, Google Korea
    2. Adjunct Professor, School of Media & Communication, Korea University
    3. Author of ‘The Letter of the Young Google’, ‘The man presenting ideas’ etc.
  • Eero Suominen

    1. Ambassador, Embassy of Finland in Seoul
    2. Ambassador, Embassy of Finland Seoul
  • Heejun Park

    1. Professor of Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University
    2. Former CIS Panel
    3. Author of ‘Technology Innovation & Strategic Management’ etc.
  • Seung-kyu Lee

    1. co-founder, SmartStudy
    2. Former Director, Nexon
    3. Co-creator of the ‘Baby Shark’
  • Hyeyeon Kim

    1. CEO & Founder, n.thing Inc.
    2. Awarded with Best Innovation Awards in CES 2020
  • Hyemin Lee

    1. CEO & co-founder, FINDA
    2. Honoree for Forbes as one of Asia’s Power Businesswomen