About GFC Invitation

About GFC


Jo Ju-Hyun

CEO of Korea Business News

Korea Business News hosts the 14th Global Financial Conference in May, the season of verdure and the queen of the seasons.

During times of increased fragility, unexpected challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine crisis, and the threats in the era of a new hegemony and a new cold war are changing our lives.
In line with this trend, this year conference will be held under the theme of “CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE”: ‘New Start of New Era.’

In the era of hyper-uncertainty, the global economic paradigm is being shifted at an unprecedented pace. Inflation risks are real, and the global monetary tightening cycles are fast approaching.
In this time of turbulence, we have to respond to the call of times and take more proactive measures to address the emerging issues. In the era of Post-COVID-19 and with-COVID-19, a slew of products, technologies and services are converged and creating new added values and new markets.
Since the time of the convergence has already come, the needs for technological innovation and transformation will be increasingly higher.
As the Korean ‘soft power’ is gaining momentum, this conference will dive into how it can be synergized with new technologies, innovation and the capital market and talk about now and future of the Korean soft power.

Korea Business News is hosting the upcoming Global Financial Conference 2022 in celebration of its relocation and its second coming.
We also wish to support the new beginning of the Korean economy, companies, capital markets, stock markets, and investors who will come out to lead the new era, and seek for breakthroughs in this conference.
We cordially invite you to join us at the conference, and look forward to your keen interest and invaluable input.

Thank you.

Jo Ju-Hyun
CEO of Korea Business News