Past Conferences 2011

Past Conferences


The Global Economic and Financial Order after G20 & lnvestment Outlook

DATE : March 9~10, 2011
VENUE : The SHILLA | Dynasty Hall

  • Göran Persson

    1. Prime Minister of Sweden 1996-2006
    2. Minister for Finance 1994-1996
    3. Minister for Education and Science 1989-1991
  • William Donaldson

    1. Member of President Obama's Economic Advisory Panel
    2. 27th Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
    3. Former Chairman and CEO, New York Stock Exchange
  • Jim Rogers

    1. Chairman of Rogers Holdings
    2. Co-founder of the Quantum Fund
    3. Creator of the Rogers International
    4. Commodities Index (RICI)
  • Li Daokui

    1. Member of Currency Policy Committee of China People's Bank
    2. Head of the Department of Finance of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University
  • Eisuke Sakakibara

    1. Professor of Aoyama Gakuin University 2010
    2. Japan's vice Minister of Finance and International Affairs 1997-1999
  • Patrick L. Young

    1. Founder at The Frontier Financier
    2. Chairman at Projekt Vistula
    3. Member of the Leaders Program at Gerson Lehrman Group
  • Richard Duncan

    1. Chief economist at Blackhorse Asset
    2. Management in Singapore
    3. A Financial Sector Specialist for the World Bank in Washington D.C
  • Manu Bhaskaran

    1. Partner & Board Member– Centennial Group Asia Economist
    2. A regular columnist for the Nihon
    3. Keizai Shimbun (Japan) and The Edge (Singapore)
  • Chang-Gyu Hwang

    1. Secretary General, Office of Strategic R&D Planning, Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    2. President & CTO, Corporate
    3. Technology Office, Samsung Electronics
  • Yoon-Dae Euh

    1. Chairman & CEO of KB Financial Group
    2. Former President of Korea University
    3. Former Chairman of Presidential Council on Nation Branding
  • Dr. Sunggi Baik

    1. President, Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH)
    2. Chair, Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science & Technology, Korea
  • Prof. Ha-Sung Jang

    1. Professor of Finance, Korea University Business School
    2. Dean, Korea University Business School
    3. Chinese Security Regulatory Commission, International Advisory Board
  • Jong-Wha Lee

    1. Senior Advisor to the President for International Economy / G20 Sherpa
    2. Head, Office of Regional Economic Integration, Asian Development Bank
  • Joan Chang

    1. Senior Advisor, Kim & Chang
    2. Co-Chair, Capital Markets and Financial Services Committee AMCHAM
  • Kun-Ho Hwang

    1. Chairman, Korea Financial
    2. Investment Association
    3. Chairman, Korea Council for Investor Education
  • Joo-Hyung Kim

    1. President, LG Economic
    2. Research Institute Executive Vice President,LG Corporation