Past Conferences 2014

Past Conferences


One Economy - New Beginning, New Challenge

DATE : February 18~19, 2014
VENUE : Grand Hyatt Seoul|Grand Ballroom

  • Paul Volcker

    1. Chairman of the Volcker Alliance
    2. 12th Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board
    3. Former Chairperson of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
  • Robert B.Zoellick

    1. Former President of the World Bank
    2. Former Deputy Secretary of State of the United States
    3. Former Trade Representative of the United States
  • Justin Yifu Lin

    1. Former Senior Vice President of the World Bank
    2. The Founder and First Director of the China Center for Economic Research at Peking University
  • Koichi Hamada

    1. Professor at Yale University
    2. Member of the Consulting Group of the WTO
    3. President of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)
  • Il SaKong

    1. Chairman & CEO of Institute for Global Economics
    2. Former Minister of Finance
    3. 27th Chairman & CEO of Korea International Trade Association
  • Seong-Lin Na

    1. 18th-19th Member of the National Assembly
    2. Member of Strategy and Finance Committee
  • Thomas Byrne

    1. Senior Vice President of Moody's
  • Jung-Sik Kim

    1. Dean & Professor of College of Commerce & Economics at YONSEI UNIVERSITY
  • Byung-Il Choi

    1. President & CEO of Korea Economic Research?Institute
  • Ki-Suk Song

    1. Managing Director of Bank of America Merrill Lynch