[Keynote Speech] Dangers of Debt; The Next Financial Crisis

[Session 1] Dangers of Debt; The Next Financial Crisis

World-wide quantitative easing has unleashed enormous national debts. World-renowned economic scholars warn that a combination of “falling interest rates” and “increasing debts” is bringing the world economy closer to financial crisis. Korea is not immune to such a global economic vulnerability either. Amid the mounting concern that the Korean economy may follow in the footsteps of the “Lost 20 Years” of Japan, we explore ways to overcome the daunting economic challenge.

[Session 2] Drivers of Sustainable Growth

“Sustainable growth” is a buzzword of worldwide economy. Sustainability concerns not only economy but also a sustainable system of overall sectors of society, including preservation and protection of environment. Together, we discuss innovations that can generate sustainable values and conditions under which our economic limits can be overcome.

[Session 3] Developing Innovation Structure

The world is now immersed in discovering the next engine of economic growth. Nations around the world gather their wisdom, beyond the limits of their borders, in search of opportunities to reinvigorate their lackluster economy and market. We invite governments that take initiatives for global changes and corporate leaders to discuss ways to build a sustainable system of creation and innovation.

[Session 4] Disrupters; Who Changed The World

Represented by such household names as Netflix and Uber, iconoclasts that bring changes to the world have changed the way we live. Start-ups growing beyond the size of unicorn to the status of decacorn are exerting overwhelming influence across our economy and society, while bringing down existing rules. We take a look at innovators who change the world through unprecedented convergence.