About GFC Invitation

About GFC


Korean Business News holds the 12th Global Financial Conference at the Dynasty Hall of Silla Hotel in Seoul on April 2, 2020.

The quantitative easing policies that countries across the globe have been implementing for the last several years are coming back in the form of enormous national debt. Nations around the world, including the US, recently began to recognize that national debt is becoming a factor that threatens sustainable growth.

For this reason, the theme of this year’s conference was decided as ‘D-ECONOMY: Dangers of Money Show.’

The keynote speech will be given by Professor Robert Barro at Harvard University (former Vice President of the American Economic Association), who is regarded as one of the world’s most influential economists. The speech will address what implications the global economics academia’s warning that ‘dropping interest rates and increasing debt will cause a new financial crisis’ has on the Korean economy.

This will be followed by a session that will be participated in by Vincent Koen, Chief of the Country Studies Division of OECD who warned about the possibility of the Korean economic recession, Claudia Sahm, a former FRB(Federal Reserve Board) economist who is famous for the ‘Sahm Recession indicator’, Andy Xie, a former Morgan Stanley chief economist who accurately predicted the Asian financial crisis, and others who will discuss the conditions for sustainable growth.

Speakers who will share their insights in the next session include Oliver Cameron, who established Voyage, a global autonomous driving company, Finnish Ambassador to Korea Eero Suominen, and an Industry Head of Google Korea Kim Tae-won. They will present solutions for establishing an environment of creativity and innovation/for building a foundation for creativity and innovation.

The last session will examine innovation of start-ups that have changed our ways of life in this day and age when start-ups have gone beyond a unicorn to grow into a decacorn. Speakers include CEO Kim Hye-yeon of n.thing, winner of the Best of Innovation Awards at ‘CES 2020,’ Founder & CFO Lee Seung-kyu of SmartStudy, which produced the world-famous ‘Baby Shark,’ and FINDA CEO Lee Hye-min, who was chosen by Forbes as one of Asia’s Power Businesswomen.

The Global Financial Conference 2020 will surely serve as a great opportunity for you all to find breakthroughs in innovation and change of the upcoming future global economy amid the new economic crisis.

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