Keynote Speech Massive Shift, The Path

Each country, including the United States and China, world's biggest economies known as G2, is moving to shape new order, consequently giving rise to unprecedented conflicts. Such conflicts created the opportunity to break the existing mold of perception. It is the same case with the rapidly changing situations in and around the Korean Peninsula. 2019 GFC keeps its fingers on the pulse of the changes in world economy standing at a critical juncture and seeks to usher in a new era and take the lead in shaping the innovation of the future.

[Session 1] World Economy Beyond Chaos

The fear of a recession is not local, but universal.
The discussions on whether this ‘Fear of R’ will become a reality are being increasingly heated around the world.
At the roots of the conflicts related to the global economy is an uncertain fear about what to come after an economic boom.
The 2019 GFC will provide to the participants an opportunity to squarely face the fear and find the causes and their variables to overcome the situation.

[Session 2] Globalization 4.0; New Opportunity

At the foundation of this era of a Massive Shift, there is the spirit of the times called Globalization 4.0.
The new trend will be accompanied by the conflicts and changes among the big players like the U.S. and China that have led the existing globalization trend.
Based on an understanding of the cognitive frame on Globalization 4.0, the 2019 GFC will share the ensuing economic, political and cultural changes and their implications.

[Session 3] The Creator; Great Challenge

A one-sided communication delivered within the existing framework is not valid anymore.
We are living in an age where individuals who are more capable than businesses lead the industry.
A Great Shift proven by YouTube heralds the emergence of a new age where new platforms will break down the high barriers of the industry as well as the existing media.