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About GFC


Korea Business News and Hankyung Media Group will hold the 11th Global Financial Conference on April 4th (Thu.) this year.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, Korean Business News holds the 11th Global Financial Conference at the Dynasty Hall of Silla Hotel in Seoul on April 4th, 2019.

To better understand the true nature of the ‘Fear of R (Recession)’ and the three major global economic risks appointed by IMF (such as China’s debt, Europe Brexit, North Korea’s nuclear issues, etc.) that is currently spreading around the globe and help to find solutions to overcome the situation, the Conference adopted ‘Massive Shift, The Path’ as the theme of the conference.

This year’s conference is particularly expected to see the most dynamic speeches and discussions ever as a number of young and world-leading economists and experts will be joining at the conference.

Beginning with the keynote speech to be given by Prof. Maurice Obstfeld of University of California, Berkeley, the former IMF Chief Economist, the conference will look into the causes of the ‘Fear of R’ and its solutions with the participation of Gerard Lyons, co-founder of Economists for Brexit, Zhang Jun, professor of Fudan University, and other noted experts as the panelists.

The discussion will be followed by a session to be led by Tyler Cowen, professor of George Mason University and an expert on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Arun Sundararajan, professor of New York University and an expert of the sharing economy, Kim Ji-Hyun, IT columnist, and others who will discuss the world economy in the age of the Industry 4.0.

The Conference will not also overlook the new emerging platforms of the era of a Great Shift such as YouTube and Netflix that are breaking down the established industrial barriers.

In the last session, Allen Gannet, the founder and CEO of TrackMaven and one of Forbes “30 under 30” lists, and Joshua Daryl Carrott, a well-known YouTuber in Korea whose ‘Korean Englishman’ has more than 3 million subscribers will deliver special speeches for the Conference.

The Global Financial Conference 2019 will be a good opportunity for you to find inspiration for future directions in this age of uncertainty.

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