Letter of Invitation

Korea Business News and Hankyung Media Group will hold the 2018 Global Financial Conference on May 11st (Fri.) this year.

Song Jae-cho
CEO of Korea Business News
This year, under the grand theme of ‘New Economic Cold War’, we invited former United States Secretary of the Treasury Jacob J. Lew and would like to analyze the global economy in chaos and predict the economic order that will emerge in the future.

Since the launching of the Trump administration, US led protectionism has been intensifying global trade conflicts further. Regarding this, we invited Professor Dani Rodrik of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton to make a diagnosis of the US priority policy from a whole new perspective.

We also set the stage for sharing insights on the mega trends of the global financial markets which is now undergoing rapid changes. We will also explore Korea’s response strategy to the block chain based digital financial war which is now spreading around the world.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary this year, the Global Financial Conference of the Korea Business News has invited many world-renowned scholars including Nobel Prize laureates in economics and has provided a forum to check the current status of the global economy and to explore future directions of the global as well as Korean economy, and has thereby achieved meaningful results.

The 2018 Global Financial Conference will surely serve as a great opportunity for you to confirm the potential and hope of the Korean economy. We promise that your valuable time and interest in this conference will surely pay off with deepest insights.